Boston Police arrest woman twice within 4 hours

BOSTON — Boston Police arrested the same woman twice within four hours on Thursday.

Just after 1 p.m. Thursday, officers were called to CVS on Hanover Street where employees say a woman stole multiple items. Witnesses told police a woman, later identified as 33-year-old Angelina Damelio of Malden, was seen putting items in her bag. When an employee confronted her, she began hitting him with her purse. She then allegedly grabbed more items and fled the store.

Officers checked surveillance video and found Damelio at Salem Street and Cross Street where she was arrested.

Just over three hours later, police say Damelio was arrested for attempted larceny at the front desk of the Boston Police A-1 Station.

Damelio allegedly reached her hand through the 6-inch gap of safety glass and grabbed the front desk clerk's purse. She tried to pull the purse toward her and through the partition.

Officers then confronted her and she caused a scene before trying to leave the station.

She was arrested again for attempted larceny and escorted back to the booking area.

At her arraignment on Friday, her attorney said his client denies she was trying to steal the purse but admits she was just "trying to feel the fabric."

A judge set bail at $500 cash and ordered her to stay away from her accusers. Damelio is due back in court on July 17.