$300,000 missing after truck spilled money on New Jersey highway

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. — Nearly $300,000 is missing after two bags of cash fell from a Brinks armored truck onto a New Jersey highway Thursday morning, according to East Rutherford.

An investigation by police determined two plastics bags – one with $370,000 and another with $140,000 – had fallen through an open door. Police said a malfunction caused the door to become unsecured.

The bags opened up when they fell off the truck, causing money to rain down on the highway.

People stopped their cars in the middle of the roadway and got out to stuff their pockets with cash, leading to multiple crashes. Others helped Brinks workers collect the money.

Police said the Brinks workers were able to recover $205,375 from the highway.

Five people later helped police recover an additional $11,090.

As of now, $293,535 is still missing.

Police are asking anyone with video or pictures of people collecting cash on the highway to contact them at 201-435-0165.

Police said they’re not looking to charge anybody, they’re just looking to get the money back to Brinks.