Aaron Hernandez's former friend testifies for fourth day

BOSTON — Aaron Hernandez’s former best friend was on the stand at his double murder trial for the fourth straight day.

Alexander Bradley claims Hernandez shot and killed two men outside a Boston nightclub in 2012.

Bradley said he was driving the SUV when Hernandez leaned across the seat and opened fire.

He also said Hernandez tried to shoot and kill him seven months later in Florida.

Following Bradley's testimony, the truck driver who found him with a bullet in his head took the stand.

"I asked who shot you, he said he didn't know," said Mingle Blake Jr.

The Connecticut woman Bradley has a daughter with says he told her something different - and it was Aaron Hernandez.

Brooke Wilcox held back tears as she described Bradley's appearance in the hospital.

"He had got shot in the face he had his arm casted up, but he also penetrated to his hand whole half of his was covered.  He couldn't see," she said.

Wilcox also testified about the murders of Safiro Furtado and Daniel De'Abreu seven months earlier in Boston.

She says Bradley and Hernandez showed up at her home two hours after it.

"He just told me that, to quote I don't which way it was said, 'This crazy m*f* just did some stupid s***," she said.

Following the testimony Thursday, the trial will not resume until Monday because several people, including attorney Baez, are sick with colds.