1,000-pound pig escapes Georgetown farm

GEORGETOWN, Mass. — It was a strange call to begin with, but what Georgetown Police Officer Henry Olshefsky found was shocking.

“The dispatch received a call for a loose pig. I didn't know what to expect, but in my mind, I was thinking it was probably a small pot belly pig or a pet.  I envisioned it being pink and cute,” said Olshefsky.

What Olshefsky saw was a huge pig, a 1,000-pound pig, to be exact, hanging out in Julia Gagne’s front lawn.

"We had a frisbee and a bone outside, don't know what it was doing with it. Playing with it, I guess,” said Gagne.

"Because it is a small town, we were able to locate someone who knew someone who knew where the pig lived,” said Olshefsky.

The owner of the pig, whose name is Bruno, was relieved to have him back.

"Everyone knows Bruno,” said owner Frank Martino.

He admitted containing him has been a struggle.

"He's probably escaped, since he was a baby, three or four times,” said Martino. "We didn't know how big he was going to get so now we have to think of a new way to lock him in with a padlock, that type of thing.”