Boston 25 Weather

Weekend Rain & Wind


Clouds will increase tonight, initially high and thin but skies will turn overcast over time. If you are heading out for Friday night plans, grab a jacket!


Ian made landfall earlier today as a category 1 hurricane along the South Carolina coast. Rain, wind and storm surge will be focused across the Carolinas and eventually VA today. Flooding in those spots will peak today-tomorrow, but FL flooding will continue into next week as parts of the state recover from around two feet of rainfall.


The remnants of Ian will travel into NC tomorrow. Although far from New England, tropical moisture linked to the system will reach us. Showers will arrive Saturday morning from south to north. Boston should be dry most of the morning before rain arrives. A period of rain is likely from Boston to Worcester in the afternoon. It’s a tough call how far north the wet weather gets as there may be a sharp cutoff. That leave northern MA and southern NH iffy for significant rain, but folks up there should prepare for some afternoon drizzle or scattered showers. Rain will be steadiest and heaviest in southeastern MA and may linger most of the day. In fact, some light rain could last into Sunday on Cape Cod.


The Boston area forecast looks to dry out Sunday, though we’ll have to monitor some showers or drizzle close by in southeastern MA. Dress warmly if you’re coming out the the Jimmy Fund walk in Boston because temperatures in the 50s will last all day with a blustery breezy. Sustained winds 15-30 mph in Massachusetts are expected to gust 30-40 mph, maybe stronger on the Cape. Winds will linger through at least Monday, so you might want to hold off on the Halloween decoration until after that!

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