Live updates: Cleanup begins after heavy snow blankets region south of Boston

A winter storm brought snow across most of Massachusetts and New England, with the brunt of the storm hitting southeastern Massachusetts. A band of heavier snowfall stalled right over Norwood, Walpole and Sharon, bringing up to a foot of snow. Outside of this area, most towns had 3-6″ of a heavy and wet snow. Snow was winding down Sunday evening, but roads remained quite slippery.

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Live updates on Feb. 8:

6:30 a.m.: Check out the snow total’s from Sunday’s storm.

4:30 a.m.: Stay up to date on the latest school and business closings below.

Live updates on Feb. 7:

10 p.m.:

9 p.m.: Here are the latest snow totals so far in Massachusetts.

5 p.m.:

Walpole currently has seen the most snow during this storm in Mass. as the town has racked up 11 inches thus far.

4:10 p.m.: The Boston 25 Weather Team has updated the predicted snow totals map as snow continues to fall heavily across parts of Norfolk County and Massachusetts as a whole.

3:30 p.m.: Snow piling up across the state with communities south of Boston seeing the largest totals so far.

2:45 p.m.: A band of snow across parts of Norfolk County is rapidly dropping flakes at a rate of nearly 2 to 3 inches per hour. That band is also extending into parts of northeastern Rhode Island.

2 p.m.: Snow has started to fall across the commonwealth, particularly around Norfolk County, as Sunday’s winter storm has arrived in New England.



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Winter driving tips from MassDOT:

- Clear snow and ice from all windows and lights, even the hood and roof, before driving, (start with the tailpipe).

- Leave plenty of room for stopping

- Remember that the posted speed limits are for dry pavement.

- Use brakes carefully. Brake early. Brake correctly. It takes more time and distance to stop in adverse conditions.

- Bridge decks freeze first. Due to the difference in the exposure to air, the surface condition can be worse on a bridge than on the approach road.

- Exit ramps are an even greater challenge during the winter since they may have received less anti-icing material than the main line.

- Leave room for maintenance vehicles and plows – stay back at least 200 feet and don’t pass on the right.

- Seat belts should be worn at all times – it’s the law.

- Most importantly please remember to slow down.

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