Boston 25 Weather

June Gloom


Low pressure will sit and spin near New England all week, generating abundant clouds and occasional showers.

Steady light rain will last through Monday morning. We should slight improvements this afternoon with a shift in the wind. It looks cloudy, cool and generally dry. A stray sprinkle isn’t out of the question in eastern MA, so don’t ditch the raincoat. Western MA will be the “lucky” spot this afternoon with a few breaks in the clouds and warmer temperatures as a result.


Enjoy any cracks in the clouds early. A front is on the way Tuesday PM. It will trigger hit-or-miss showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon and evening. They will produce locally heavy rain, a rumble of thunder, and areas of hail.

Cold air aloft will linger over New England through Friday. That means more shower activity until a shift this weekend.