We have a ridge of high pressure parked across New England, this will leave us with warmer than average temperatures over the next few days. After 70s Monday (the sea breeze kept the coast cooler in the 60s), it will be even warmer Tuesday. We will start the day off in the low 50s, temperatures rise quickly with low to mid 80s through the afternoon. We could be looking at record warmth for some spots across southern New England! The Cape and Islands will stay in the 70s.

Sunny skies are expected most of the time, but occasionally the winds may carry in hazy wildfire smoke from Canada. The smoky haze today doesn’t look as prevalent as it was on Sunday.


Clouds will increase late week as high pressure shifts eastward. A few drops could fall Friday, but the better bet for rain is Saturday. Breezy showers could last most of the day. Right now I have things cooling and clearing Sunday with a lingering breeze. If that weekend front slows down, we could see wet weather last into Sunday morning – something to watch!