Drought worsens

Summer heat returns


We got a new updated to the US Drought Monitor this morning. All of MA is under a drought right now, with 94% under ‘severe drought’ and 39% under ‘extreme drought’. The last time we had extreme drought under this large of an area in MA was back in December 2016. You can see signs of drought all around you with brown grass/lawns and dried up leaves falling off trees. We are in desperate need of rain, but we will have to wait a bit longer.


A storm system that brought decent rain across parts of northern New England will continue to pull away from us today. Clouds will eventually thin out with seasonable highs in the low 80s and lower humidity. The wind will stay active today, this combined with dry air in place will lead to an elevated fire risk - any fire that starts will spread quickly, so use extra caution!


Heat and humidity will build in this weekend. Friday, Saturday and Sunday will feature southern New England highs in the mid and upper 80s! In fact, many towns will hit 90 Friday and Saturday.