Boston 25 Weather



Wind Gusts 40-55 mph will continue overnight. There will also continue to be power outages as a result.

Record lows are expected Saturday morning as we bottom out from -5 to -15 degrees locally. Those wind chills will be brutal on the order of -20 to -45. It only takes 15-20 minutes for frostbite when it’s that cold (and blustery). Try to avoid any outdoor plans through Saturday morning if possible. If you must be out, grab the warmest layers you have and be sure to cover all exposed skin.

With a strong NW breeze Friday night and Saturday, some ocean effect snow is likely across the Outer Cape and Nantucket with a coating up to 2″. The rest of the region will remain bright. Heavy freezing spray is expected to impact the local waters.


Fortunately, the arctic blast will be short lived. Sunday’s highs will rebound back to the low 40s with a lingering gusts 30-35 mph. Above average temperatures are expected next week too.

Have a great weekend!