• Eric Rasmussen


    Eric called Boston home during his college days and in 2015, his adventure in TV news brought him back to the Bay State and Boston 25 News.

    He has reported and anchored for TV stations in Chico, CA, Champaign, IL, Fresno, CA, Orlando, FL and San Francisco before returning to Boston.

    Eric has received some great recognition over the years, including 8 Emmys and 4 regional Edward R. Murrow awards, but he’s also been threatened, had a dog “sicced” on him, and was even once called a "pea brain" by a city councilperson.  All of this better prepared Eric for his job as an investigative reporter.

    Some of Eric’s most rewarding stories include uncovering how thousands of foster kids had their cases closed while they were still missing, as well as his award-winning series, “False Hope,” which exposed rehab scams in Florida that targeted people fighting addiction in New England.

    Eric’s first thought of possibly pursuing a career in TV news came after a speech and debate tournament in high school. In a review of a speech he gave about the physics of baseball, a judge wrote "I felt like I was watching a TV news report!"

    Once Eric came to terms with the reality that he would not be a professional baseball player, he focused on school and graduated summa cum laude from Boston University with a degree in broadcast journalism.

    Since then, his reporting has taken him to Sweden (to investigate some of the toughest drunk driving laws in the world), Spain (to study high speed rail) and the Panama Canal.

    When he’s not in front of the camera at Boston 25, you can often find Eric behind the turntables, pursuing his other passion as a DJ.  He fell in love with hip-hop music as a kid in the 80's and has collected hundreds of records since then.  Eric’s hobby reminds us all you can’t always judge a book by its cover! 

    Facebook: @EricRasmussenBoston25
    Twitter: @Eric_Rasmussen
    Instagram: @eric_rasmussen

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