• Tom Brady named 2017 NFL MVP


    Tom Brady has been named the NFL MVP in his 18th season with the Patriots. 

    The announcement was made during the NFL Honors show on Saturday evening. 

    This is the third time in his career that Brady has earned this honor. 

    Players all across the league praised Brady in his achievement.

    "He deserves it," said Green Bay Packers' Aaron Rodgers. "I think this is his 3rd win that he's had; he's a phenomenal player, he's 40 years old, doing MVP is pretty good."

    "Tom Brady in 17 years as a starter has been in this game eight times, let that sink in," said Shannon Sharpe. "So basically every other year Tom Brady's playing for the Super Bowl." 

    "He's unbelievable, I think everybody that knows him knows all about his work ethic and how he takes care of himself," said Jim Kelly. "To be 40 years old and have the year he had, that's amazing."

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