• Tom Brady answers questions on relationship with Robert Kraft after Netflix cameo

    By: Julie Leonardi


    FOXBOROUGH, Mass. - Tom Brady creating some buzz this weekend after Netflix dropped a new series with a cameo featuring the GOAT himself. Many seeing some controversy though, as the quarterback's scene shows Brady leaving a strip mall massage parlor.

    Brady responded to questions during a locker room interview Saturday after Netflix released the comedy starring Paul Rudd.

    Well, the overall opinion by fans at Patriot Place is that the GOAT can do no wrong. But many fans were skeptical of the choice, telling Boston 25 News that it may not have been the wisest decision. 

    "It's an odd coincidence, don’t you think?" one fan said.

    Fans were surprised Brady would give the scene the green light just months after Patriots' owner Robert Kraft was involved in a scandal at a Florida massage parlor.

    "Tom Brady is pretty smart, right?" asked Dave Minsk. "I mean he's Tom Brady, he controls his own destiny. I think he knows what he's doing, so I'd say it's a little strange. But I love Tom Brady."

    Brady was questioned about his decision during a locker room interview Saturday afternoon.

    "It was shot on a green screen, it was agreed to a year ago, it was written four years ago," he said. "I think it's unfortunate that people would choose to think I would ever do something like that about Mr. Kraft. I think that's just a very bad assessment of my relationship with him. I would never do that."

    Fans say they believe there was no ill intent, just an odd coincidence. Duane Johnson, who will be watching Brady play against the Jets on Monday, believes it wasn’t an intentional jab or spoof on the Kraft scandal.

    "The relationship they have, Robert Kraft and Brady, it's past that sense of humor," Johnson said.

    Brady did not appreciate being asked about the scene during the locker room interview, as he told reporters the scene was taken out of context. But he did eventually say Kraft's and his relationship for 20 years has been nothing but love and respect.

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