• There are 4 states outside of New England where Brady jerseys lead sales

    By: Hannah Lilly


    Tom Brady. Around here, he's better known as the greatest quarterback of all time.

    He's definitely earned that title - between his impressive stats, being the oldest non-kicker to play in the Super Bowl, and the fact that he's been named the NFL MVP three times.

    And it turns out - football fans in New England aren't the only ones who think of Brady as the GOAT.
    Brady leads jersey sales in 10 states.

    That's right, ten. 

    Obviously that includes all six states in New England - but there's four other states where TB12 jerseys are a hot commodity.

    And they might surprise you.

    Outside of his home territory, Brady is also popular in New York, Indiana, Florida, and Hawaii, according to patriots.com.

    For the record - those are the home states for Jets, Giants, Bills, Colts, and Dolphins fans.

    Seems like they aren't as loyal to their teams as they are to an overall great football player.

    We'll take it.

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