• Gronkowski to skip start of Patriots offseason training

    By: Austin Bumpus


    While Patriots fans wonder if Rob Gronkowski will be on the field in 2018, the tight end is causing a little more stress to those in New England.

    The Patriots start their offseason training Monday, and Gronkowski will reportedly be skipping the beginning of the program, according to ESPN's Adam Schefter. 

    Gronkowski has made headlines this offseason after the Patriots' Super Bowl 52 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles in February, leaving doubt in fans' minds about if the 28-year-old would retire before the 2018 season.

    The training workouts are voluntary, and Tom Brady will also be skipping the start of the activities for his trip to Qatar. However, Brady's future isn't up in the air like Gronkowski's.

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    Gronkowski has a $250,000 bonus in his 2018 contract for workouts, and the money comes based on his attendance in a certain number of offseason training workouts. Gronkowski would need to attend 90% of the workouts to get the bonus in August.

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