Rivers wants Ray Allen included in any 2008 reunion

BOSTON — Former Celtics head coach Doc Rivers wants Ray Allen included in any celebration or reunion for the 2008 World Championship team.

Allen's strained relationship with many of his former teammates, including Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Rajon Rondo, has been well-documented. Many of the players didn't like the way Allen left the Celtics, signing with the Heat and winning another championship.

"I just hope that the whole team's back," said Rivers. "I think that's important. That's very important for me that EVERYBODY comes."

When asked if he's tried to mend those fences, Rivers replied, "Uh, yeah. I've not been very successful. But I do think we have to. I really believe that. Listen - without him we don't win. It doesn't matter how it ended. At the end of the day, without him we don't win and we need to get over all the other stuff and get together. That team was too close to have any separation.

"For me, that bothers me that they're not together."

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