• Revolution make Brady's wish come true

    By: Butch Stearns


    Dedham - Brady Antaya is a 9 year old boy from Haverhill who suffers from Charge Syndrome and an immune deficiency. 

    "This condition prevents him from fighting off infections like you and I can", says Brady's Mom Cynthia Antaya.  "Right now he undergoes weekly infusions.  It's basically a blood transfusion.  Those infusions provide him with the T-cells that his body needs to fight off infections".  

    While Brady's condition affects him physically it has never dampened his spirit.  He is a die hard soccer fan and fan of the New England Revolution.  

    So Brady and his parents reached out to the Kids Wish Network https://www.kidswishnetwork.org/ . "The Kids Wish Network's goal is to infuse hope and lasting memories into children who might not get the opporunity to.  Kids who might have been or are in life threatening or life altering situations", says Cassi Long Wish Manager with The Kids Wish Network.  

    After meeting and talking with the Antaya's , Cassi found out that Brady's wish was to meet his favorite team, The New England Revolution http://www.revolutionsoccer.net/ .

    So Cassi reached out to The Revolution and set up the meeting.  But the Revolution took it several steps further.  They decided to have Brady spend the day with the team, sign a one-day contract, and take part in practice.   So on Friday April 7th at Gillette Stadium Brady and his family got the full treatment and he took full advantage of it.  

    At the same Gillette stadium podium that Tom Brady stands at and answers questions from the media during football season, Brady Antaya stood and signed a one day contract with The New England Revolution.

    He then was introduced by Head Coach Jay Heaps to his new teammates and spent time in the locker room with them before practice.  After that Brady was given new soccer cleats and practiced on the back fields with The Revolution.

    After the practice ended Brady's Mom and Dad were choked up when talking about how special a day this was for their son.

    "It just shows that people do care. For Jay Heaps and The Revolution to take Brady in they way they did, it was almost llike they've known Brady forever", said Keith Antaya.  "It's just been an awesome experience"

    Brady's Mom Cynthia echoed the same sentiments, "For The Revs to take him on and welcome him as a member of their team, it goes right to the heart for us". 

    And speaking of heart, Brady is all heart.  He enjoyed this entire experience to the fullest and so did his new head coach Jay Heaps.  "Brady is one of those kids who just gives off so much positive energy and he  makes everyone around him get some perspective. We loved having him around"

     If there are some other kids out there who are experiencing difficult times like Brady, he has some advice on what you can do to try and make things better.  "If something is hard for you to go through then just try your best and try making it through", said the newest member of the New England Revolution, Brady Antaya. 





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