• Red Sox fan has priorities set, worries about Red Sox immediately after surgery

    By: Sam Knox


    The first thing on Zac Sullivan's mind after surgery, were the Boston Red Sox.

    Sullivan's roommate Justin Diamond posted a video on Twitter of Sullivan waking up from a surgery he had just received.

    "I'm worried about the Red Sox," said Sullivan. "The Yankees are all that's wrong with sports, It's important to me that the Yankees season ended in a horrible way."

    Sullivan got his wish, as the Red Sox beat Yankees 4-3 in Game 4 of the American League Division Series.

    "I never met a guy who hates the Yankees more," Diamond said on Twitter.

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    It is clear that the Red Sox have been on their fans' minds, especially heading into the American League Championship Series.

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    At least the Red Sox will always have Zac Sullivan's loyalty.

    Sam Knox is an intern in the Boston 25 Sports Department. Follow Sam on Twitter: @SamKnox_4

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