Patriots expected to increase Antonio Brown's role against Jets

Antonio Brown's role expected to increase this week

Antonio Brown's role expected to increase this week according to Bill Belichick.

"Yeah, sure. There's things we can utilize him for, or Josh [Gordon], or anybody else. It's just a question of volume and, again, time and reps. You can't put in 20 new plays when you have, call it, 90 plays in practice over the course of a week. You can't put in 20 plays and expect to be able to rep those and get them right and then do all of the other things you have to do. You have to be selective. If you want to put in something new then how much time can you allocate to it, how much are you going to use it, how effective is it going to be? Do you really want to put in a play that's going to gain five yards and waste 10-percent of your practice reps during the week on that? I don't know. I'd rather work on a play that's going to gain 50 yards. You just have to decide how you want to do it, so can you expand it? Sure, it's not infinite. We're not in training camp. We've got to get ready for a game, so there are other considerations with other parts of the team and other players on the team that you just have to try and balance all of that out. I'm sure each week we can add a little more with new players whether it be [Marshall] Newhouse, or Korey [Cunningham], or Antonio, or Josh, or Matt LaCosse – there's another guy that hasn't played very much football. Those guys, as they get more back into, in this case, offensive flow then, yeah. It's not limitless. We just don't have that many opportunities."