• Mayor Walsh sends heartfelt letter to 11-year-old Blues fan fighting disease

    By: Zareen Syed


    In a heartfelt move, Boston Mayor Marty Walsh extended a hand of sportsmanship to an adorable young St. Louis Blues superfan.

    He sent 11-year-old Laila Anderson a personalized letter of congratulations after the Blues defeated the Bruins in the Stanley Cup Final.

    Laila has been fighting a rare, life-threatening immune disease. After Walsh saw a story about her during pregame coverage of Game 3, he wanted to let her know just how excited he was for her win.

    "After watching the segment, I turned to my partner, Lorrie, and said, 'This stinks! I love the Bruins and I want them to win!... But I really want Laila to win, too!'" Walsh wrote in the letter. 

    Laila has become quite popular with Blues and Bruins fans alike. And a moment the Blues shared on Twitter of Laila's mom telling her daughter that she’s been cleared to travel to Boston for Game 7 was a win for everyone.

    In his letter, Walsh shares with Laila that he also had a serious illness when he was a boy, and her courage is an inspiration to everyone. 

    "I certainly can't promise you a cooler experience than standing on the Garden ice kissing the Stanley Cup, but Boston's a great city and would love to have you back," Walsh wrote.


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