Fourth-grader creates Tom Brady mosaic out of Rubik's Cubes

WESTWOOD, Mass. — Maxim Lin, a fourth-grader at Sheehan Elementary School in Westwood, Massachusetts has created a Tom Brady mosaic using nothing but Rubik's Cubes.

Lin, who is a Rubik's Cube master, started the project around Christmastime and it took him over two months to complete. He began planning last summer and used 999 Rubik's Cubes to complete the assignment, which will be showcased at Sheehan's STEM Festival on Wednesday, March 20.

The wooden frame, which is more than seven-feet-tall by five-feet-wide, was constructed by Maxim and his father to hold 999 cubes, 37 rows high and 27 rows across.

You can watch the full video, with explanation from Maxim below: