• DUI video shows Michael Floyd unconscious at the wheel

    By: Chad Amaral

    Last week, wide receiver Michael Floyd was charged with driving under the influence when he was spotted asleep behind the wheel of his car in Scottsdale, Arizona. The Cardinals cut him a day later, he was claimed off of waivers by the Patriots on Thursday.
    TMZ has released video of Floyd’s Cadillac Escalade stopped at a green light at around 2:48 a.m. on Dec. 12. In the video, Floyd is seen passed out in the driver’s seat with his mouth open and is unfazed by the officer’s attempts to wake him by banging on his window. After several attempts to wake him up, he finally responds to police officers with some incoherent answers.
    TMZ has yet to release all of the video from the traffic stop.  According to their report  Floyd later told officers that he drank wine on the Cardinals' team flight from Miami to Arizona, but he gave different answers about exactly how much he drank. He was then arrested

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