• David Price welcomes J.D. Martinez to Boston, renews rivalry with Yankees

    By: Chad Amaral


    David Price and J.D. Martinez are teammates once again.  The two played together in Detroit now they will get a chance to wear same uniform once again.

    Price's advice for Martinez, “Go play baseball. Just go be yourself," Price said. "Go be the hitter he’s been ever since I think it was 2014 when he had that breakout season in Detroit. He’s a great dude. He’s quiet. He’s going to go about his business and he’s going to hit a lot of home runs for us.”

    Price was asked by Butch Stearns how Martinez would deal with the scrutiny here in Boston, "Yeah he's got my vote, he's different than me."

    Price wasn't being totally serious but half-heartedly said Wednesday morning that the rivalry between the Red Sox and Yankees is back on.  “Sure, yeah,” Price said. “You guys want it, let’s do it. We hate the Yankees. We hate the Yankees. Hate em.”


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