Cryptic Tom Brady post turns out to be Super Bowl ad for Hulu

Cryptic Tom Brady post turns out to be Super Bowl ad for Hulu
What does this photo mean, Tom Brady?

MIAMI, Fla. — Despite the Patriots being eliminated from the NFL Playoffs on Wildcard Weekend, Tom Brady still managed to make an appearance at the Super Bowl on Sunday in Miami.

The quarterback appeared in a commercial for the streaming service Hulu after posting a cryptic photo days earlier previewing the ad.

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That initial post prompted speculation into its meaning, with many people pouring over minor details of the picture. Was he walking in or out of the stadium? Is it Gillette Stadium? What does that mean for his future regarding the Patriots?

With plenty of New Englanders speculating what the photo meant, Brady and Hulu quickly answered with the commercial airing in the first half of Super Bowl LIV between the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers.

With the theme of the ad being Brady’s future, the spot quickly turned to Hulu’s streaming capabilities, which include live sports.

But for those wondering about the quarterback’s future, Brady did drop a hint at the very end of the commercial.

“And me? I’m not going anywhere,” Brady said.

The quarterback also made an appearance before the game at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami when he was among many NFL legends honored as a member of the NFL’s 100 Team, meant to signify the league’s best players ever in its 100-year history.