• Firehouse Friday: Newton Fire Department


    Marathon Monday is right around the corner and if you're on Commonwealth Avenue, make sure to stop by Newton Fire Department's Station 2! 

    Day in and day out firefighters stand by one another as they fight fires and keep their communities safe.  They also stand by one another in life and become family. Seven years ago when the Newton Fire Department lost three firefighters in two years they wanted to make sure that these families, especially their kids, knew that they are still part of the extended fire family. The department started fundraising money for these kids.  Now, the Newton Firefighter's Children's Fund  gives a monetary donation to every family of firefighters fallen in the line of duty within a year. However big or small the gift may be these families are extremely appreciative. The fire family is big and it is forever. 

    Thank you for all that you do to keep us safe and give back to families and their children!


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