Young boy who lost his mother wants cards to lift his spirits

Young boy who lost his mother wants cards to lift his spirits

What 7-year-old Carson Lane just went through will bring you to tears.

"She had really bad lungs, which is cystic fibrosis. She had it all her life. She was born with it."

Last Friday, Carson lost his mother, 25-year-old Courtney Lane Gaouette after a long battle with cystic fibrosis.

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"She would have to go to the hospital all the time," Carson told Boston 25 News reporter Malini Basu.

Carson spent days and nights on end next to his mother's hospital bed. Basu asked him what that was like.

"It felt good," he told her. "I would see her, it felt good."

After mom passed, Carson's great-grandfather sent a tweet saying in part, "he loves getting cards." Celtics player Marcus Smart saw it and retweeted saying "I lost my mom recently to. But it’s people like ur great grandpa who will get u thru the tough times as you grow up."

Smart just so happens to be one of Carson's favorite players.

On Friday, Carson spent the day at the Lunenburg Police Department with Hank, the comfort dog, police and firefighters.

While Carson had a good time and is looking forward to cards from strangers, he says the one thing he wants more than anything right now is his mom.

If you'd like to send Carson a card, you can mail them to:

Carson Lane
12 McGillen Drive, Leominster, MA 01453