• Pet pot-bellied pig named Molly cooked, eaten by new owners after adoption from shelter

    By: Shelby Lin Erdman, Cox Media Group National Content Desk


    BRITISH COLUMBIA, Canada - Molly the pot-bellied pig was just 3 years old, but in her short life, she dealt with her fair share of cruelty and neglect. Then she was rescued and her luck seemed to be changing. 

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    Molly was one of 57 potbelly pigs removed from a hoarding situation by a SPCA shelter in British Columbia, according to the RASTA Sanctuary. Workers spent months nursing her back to health.

    She beat the odds when what seemed to be a loving family from Vancouver Island adopted her in January.

    Within weeks, in February, her new family killed and ate her. They also posted photos of themselves seasoning her meat on social media, according to The Cowichan Valley Citizen.

    Molly, the pet pot-bellied pig, was 3 years old when she was adopted from a rescue shelter in British Columbia in January, then killed and eaten by her new owners a few weeks later.

    Heartbroken rescuers were beside themselves and they had company. Molly’s story has made headlines around the world.

    “It takes a special type of person to adopt an animal from a rescue organization simply to take them home to kill them, and eat them,” RASTA Sanctuary officials said in a Facebook post.

    “It’s a nightmare,” Sandi Trent, the manager of the SPCA where Molly was nursed back to health, told the newspaper. “This is just devastating for us.”

    It’s not illegal to eat animals in Canada for food, so the new owners actually had every right to kill and eat their new pet.

    The SPCA has banned the couple from adopting animals from SPCA shelters, but officials say that’s all they can do.

    The new owner of Molly told Global News he killed and ate the pig when she became aggressive with his dog and tried to break through a glass door.




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