Worcester council to vote Tuesday on body camera pilot program

Worcester to vote Wednesday if police will participate in body camera program

WORCESTER, Mass. — Worcester could join state and Boston police with a pilot program for body cameras if the city gets the green light.

City officials say this pilot program will help inform them on the value of the technology and allow them to address concerns about safety and privacy issues.

The Arizona company that develops the technology will donate the body cams, which are worth more than $30,000. The company will also donate 20 spare cameras, charging stations and other items.

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In December, the city and Worcester officials reached a contract agreement that includes a framework for a body-worn camera pilot program.

Worcester Police officials tell Boston 25 that they have discussed the use of body cameras since August 2014.

In Boston, police told Boston 25 that the body camera pilot program aimed to measure the effectiveness of the high tech and expensive tool. One hundred cameras were assigned to 281 officers in five districts.

The vote on whether to accept the 20 body cameras is set for Tuesday night in Worcester.

Correction: An earlier headline and version of this story misstated the day of the council meeting. It is scheduled for Tuesday, not Wednesday.