Worcester little league snack shack vandalized overnight Monday

Parents of the Lou Gehrig Little League in Worcester found the snack shack vandalized and ransacked Monday. They walked in to find items thrown and damaged all over the place with trophies broken in pieces and hundreds of dollars worth of snacks and drinks stolen.

“This was filled yesterday, we had waters here, sodas here, we had juice pouches for the kids, juice boxes, we had more water, we had all these juices, we had Gatorades, everything. This is all we have left, they took it all from us,” said Monika Korzep St. Dennis, a board member for the league.

She said the thieves also stole the remote for the scoreboard, which costs about $1,000, and now they can’t use it until they order a new one.

“It’s like you’re not taking from us, you’re not hurting me, you’re hurting these kids,” Korzep St. Dennis said.

The vandalism continued outside where fire extinguishers were sprayed all over the field.

“Who knows what chemicals are in there, so that’s not safe for us. Now we have to scrape all that out to make sure our kids aren’t breathing in that chemical that’s in the fire extinguishers,” Korzep St. Dennis said.

Korzep St. Dennis said the money they raise through the snack shack helps pay the umpires and goes to the league overall.

“We’re a league, we don’t turn anybody away, we accept all kids in and the majority of our funds helps those parents who can’t afford the registration or can’t afford to purchase equipment or can’t afford to buy a brand new bat, so we use a lot of our funds to cover that,” Korzep St. Dennis said.

Those parents notified police, but they worry, if no one’s caught, that it could happen again.

“We want to replenish, but we’re afraid to because they’ve used a bolt cutter once to open the door. Again, who’s to say they’re not going to do it again?” Korzep St. Dennis said.

To donate to the Lou Gehrig Little League, contact Monika Korzep St. Dennis on Facebook.