Worcester car vandalism spree caught on camera

Worcester car vandalism spree caught on camera

WORCESTER, Mass. — Worcester Police are investigating a vandalism spree involving at least 30 cars Monday morning.

Bashar Agha left for work to find his wife’s car tagged. The license plate, body and back windshield were sprayed with black paint.

“I tried. I cannot get this out,” Agha said of the paint remaining after he scrubbed his wife’s red SUV and plate. “It’s unbelievable. Why are you doing that? I can’t understand.”

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Agha captured the crime on his home surveillance cameras. The vandal, whose face was hidden by a hood, is seen approaching the SUV at 5 a.m., producing a can of spray paint and casually tagging the car before moving on to the next-door neighbor’s truck.

Vehicles on Norfolk, Wall and Orient streets were vandalized, police said on social media. Many were tagged from one end to the other.

Agha believes the person responsible is a teenager, but even a kid should have more sense, he said.

“It’s five o’clock in the morning. What’s he doing on the road?” Agha said. “Where’s his family? Where’s his mom, where’s his dad? Who raised him like that? I never raised my kids like that.”

Police ask anyone with information to call detectives at (508) 799-8651. You can also send an anonymous text to 274637 TIPWPD, or send an anonymous web-based message at worcesterma.gov/police.