Woman's car hit by sheet of ice while driving

LANCASTER, Mass. — A sheet of ice smashed onto a Lancaster woman's windshield while she was driving on Friday.

Diane Harrison was driving down Route 117 in Lancaster when a large chunk of ice flew off the top of a truck and hit her windshield. The truck driver never stopped to check on her.

Harrison said the chunk of ice was about 3 feet wide and hit her car with such force it shattered her windshield.

She says she had to pull over since she couldn't see out of the window anymore, and says both her and her passenger are very shaken up over this.

The ice chunk even took out one of Harrison's side mirrors, and she now says her car is totaled.

Luckily, both her and her passenger are okay, but they both have some scrapes from the broken glass.

Lancaster Police are hoping this will serve as a lesson for all drivers this season. They say this type of incident could have been deadly.

"I'm always cautious when I'm behind a truck or a car that looks like it has ice or snow on top but he was going in the other direction so it came completely as a surprise, not that it wouldn't any time," said Harrison.

Police say this is why it's so important to clean off the snow and ice from the top of your car - in order to avoid dangerous situations like this.

Besides posing a danger to other drivers, it is illegal in Massachusetts to leave snow on top of your car, for this very reason. Negligent drivers can face up to a $200 dollar fine.