Woman survives overnight in the woods after missing for 24 hours

Woman survives overnight in the woods after missing for 24 hours

SPENCER — A 65-year-old woman survived overnight in the woods after she was missing for 24 hours in Spencer.

Police said she’s being treated in the hospital and they’re thankful to find her alive.

And if Sunday was a typical, freezing day, this story may not have had a good ending, police said.

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Luckily, with the record warmth we had this weekend, this woman survived overnight without even a jacket.

Take a look at this video of first responders rescuing the woman from the woods Monday afternoon just before 3 p.m.

Police said they found her just about 300 yards away from her home and she was disoriented.

It’s still unclear exactly why she went for a walk in the woods on Sunday, and how she got lost.

Firefighters found the woman in just athletic clothes, dressed for the mild weather we had Sunday.

She was stuck and alone in the woods for 24 hours, and police say luckily, they found her when they did before it got much colder.

“Luck was on our side, I know the officers last night they were experiencing the rapid change in the weather and they were actually getting cold out there because they weren’t dressed for it either, but sheer survival skills on her part,” said Spencer Police Lt. Michael Befford.

Police say this woman doesn’t have a medical history that would have been a factor in this case, but they’re still investigating what may have caused her to go missing for so long.