Woman says man followed her home from grocery store

Woman says man followed her home from grocery store

BOSTON — A woman tells FOX25 a suspicious man followed her from the grocery store to her home in Shrewsbury.

Saturday night, Tecia Coelho finished grocery shopping at Shaw’s at White City shopping center. She saw this man come up to her car while she was loading groceries.

As Coelho pulled out of the Shaw’s parking lot, she noticed the man was following her.

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“She called me and said he was following her,” said her husband, Roger Brown.

The couple lives across the street from the Shaw’s. Brown didn't even think twice and ran outside and saw the man walking towards her.

“He turned back around and saw me getting out of the car. He then parked the car and came crazy towards me,” she said.

“When he kept walking towards her. That really upset me. I asked him that's my wife, get out of here. He stopped and went back towards his car,” said Brown.

Brown snapped a few photos of the man and then the couple called Shrewsbury Police.

“The police told me they know who he is. He went inside somebody else's car,” said Coelho.

Shrewsbury Police said they are confident this man is the suspect in two previous similar incidents in the area. They are continuing to investigate and plan to charge the suspect.