Victim of alleged road rage incident left clinging to the hood of a car

Witness describes trying to stop driver in alleged road rage hit and run

EVERETT, Mass. — A woman who thought the scooter she was stuck driving behind should have been in the bike lane is now facing charges.

The road rage incident in Everett, captured on video, shows one of the scooter riders on the hood of the woman's car after the driver hit the scooter. The scooter passenger held on to avoid getting injured, while a man who was also on the scooter is seen rolling over in the roadway.

A witness to the incident, which happened around 4 p.m. Tuesday on Broadway, followed the driver of the car and called 911. Police said they found the driver, 21-year-old Jakrah Pires, in Medford soon after it happened.

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Pires, of Cambridge, was arrested and brought back to the Everett Police Department where she was charged with four counts of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon; leaving the scene of an accident with personal injury; and driving to endanger.

Prosecutors say Pires hit the scooter from behind at least twice.

In court, Pires' attorney says the 21-year-old, whose only had her license for three months, is the one who was the victim.

"They were kicking her car and trying to attack, causing her to flee in fear of her safety," said Thomas Polito.

Police say Pires also tried assaulting an officer at the police station after her handcuffs were taken off outside of court.

The two scooter riders suffered minor injuries, according to police.