• Woman donates kidney in memory of late husband

    By: Blair Miller


    TAUNTON, Mass. - A Taunton woman is fulfilling a promise she made to her late husband who was killed in a brutal stabbing.

    George Heath was murdered in May 2016 while he and his wife were eating at a Bertucci's restaurant in Taunton. 

    George was stabbed while trying to save a waitress who was being attacked. His wife Rosemary says she remembers her last words to the love of her life.

    "I leaned down and tried to kiss his cheek and I told him that I loved him," said Rosemary. "He tried to say something and I told him, 'It's ok, go find your mom and dad.' I knew he was going to die."

    In the months leading up to that horrific attack, George and Rosemary had made a promise to each other, to donate their organs in what they assumed would only happen years later. 

    "When he was killed, he was considered a crime scene and they couldn't take his organs, so that was devastating to me because it was something we talked about all the time," said Rosemary.

    Now, Rosemary says she is no longer waiting to keep up her end of the bargain. She has decided to donate her kidney in memory of George.

    "I feel so excited about doing this, I can't even put it into words," said Rosemary. "It's right, it's the right thing to do."

    She says this is her way of dealing with a tragedy that took away her love of a lifetime.

    "Since that day I've tried to figure out what am I supposed to do with my life, what is my purpose?" said Rosemary. "This feels like it is, I can feel it in my core."

    On Wednesday. Rosemary went through some testing to make sure she's still eligible to donate her kidney. She's eager to do it but isn't sure how soon that will happen.

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