Woman charged in deadly Brockton crash to face judge

BROCKTON, Mass. — A woman will be arraigned on vehicular homicide charges after police said she caused a crash in Brockton Tuesday that killed the mother of a police officer and nearly forced a dump truck into a home before leaving the scene.

The incident occurred just hours after Brockton’s mayor said she may have been involved in a police chase in a nearby town.

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“When I opened my daughter’s window, I could reach out and touch the truck,” Parry Rose said. “That’s how close. God bless the guy that was driving.”

The truck was just inches away from Rose’s home on Quincy Street in Brockton.

Moments earlier, the district attorney said 33-year-old Danielle Mastro was driving an Audi sedan when she rear ended an SUV, sending it into the path of a dump truck.

The SUV’s passenger survived, but the driver died at the hospital.

Investigators said the woman that was killed was heading back into work at the Department of Mental Health, while Whitman police further identified her as the mother of a reserve police officer.
"Awful," a witness, who only wanted to be identified as Hannah, said. "Horrible. I've never seen something like that in my lifetime."

That neighbor said she spoke with the Audi’s driver, Mastro, after the crash.

“I told her to stay in the car,” she said. “She ended up on my front lawn. When I came out I said, ‘Stay in the car until the cops come.’ But she didn’t. She ended up leaving her keys in the car and walking away.”

The district attorney said Mastro is also charged with leaving the scene on top of the vehicular homicide charge.

In addition, Brockton’s mayor told Boston 25 News that the car Mastro was driving may have been involved in a chase in a nearby town. Investigators have not yet said why, or how, she may have gotten away.

Mastro is expected in court for arraignment on Wednesday.