Woburn teacher placed on leave for alleged drug possession on school property

Woburn teacher placed on leave for alleged drug possession on school property

A Woburn Memorial High School teacher was placed on leave for alleged drug possession on campus, according to Woburn Police.

Police said Woburn Public Schools Superintendent Matthew Crowley was informed of alleged misconduct by a staff member, and the staff member was immediately placed on paid administrative leave.

A joint investigation by Woburn Police and the school uncovered that the teacher allegedly possessed drugs on school property.

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“I’m really shocked," Woburn parent Sherri Duggan Sullivan said. "Really and truly shocked.”

Police said the incident didn't involve students, and said there was no reason to believe anyone was placed in harm's way as a result of the misconduct.

"Due to the fact that this is an ongoing investigation involving a personnel issue, we are not at liberty to discuss any further details,” Crowley said. “However please know that we take allegations of any alleged wrongdoing seriously, and our priority is always on providing students with a safe and appropriate educational environment.”

An investigation by Woburn Police and a school resource officer determined the incident was an administrative/employment matter, and no charges were filed.

“If it was a different person they would be charged," Woburn parent Alex Silva said. "The teacher should suffer the same consequence.”

The teacher was not named by police, and the drugs uncovered were not identified. The discovery was made last week, but parents weren't notified until the end of this week.

Now, some parents aren't convinced that their children weren't impacted.

“I got scared," Silva said. "I got a teenager. I don’t want him doing drugs and the teacher should set an example for the kids.”

Because the teacher has not been charge, the name will not be released publicly.