Winthrop Public Schools to start in-person learning for K-12 on April 5

WINTHROP, Mass. — Winthrop parents rallied in front of the high school as the school committee met inside to decide when students will return to full in-person learning.

Todd Sacco is a parent and former school committee member. He said he’s concerned kids are falling through the cracks.

“The lack of access. These kids are so far behind right now, they’re never catching up,” Sacco said.

Students, especially seniors, said they want to be back before they graduate.

“I’m out here because I really want to go back to school and spend my last few weeks with my classmates who I grew up with,” said James Silva, who is graduating in May.

The meeting took into account DESE’s recommendation for an April 5 start for all grades K-12.

The Baker Administration released a statement today that reads in part:

“Months of data from right here in Massachusetts and countless studies from world class medical organizations have made clear that schools are safe for in person learning.”

—  The Baker Administration

The school committee did vote to start all grades K-12 back on April 5. However, some parents said that motion was ambiguous.

“That’s not the case,” said Kathleen Capuccio, a parent who organized the rally.

Capuccio said she’s concerned that the vote tonight still gives the superintendent a way out of starting on April 5.

“This motion made tonight – that was voted 5-2. Any legal professional, and I’m only a paralegal, can drive a truck through it,” said Capuccio.

She said that if that motion violates any state laws or regulations, it won’t stand. She added that the superintendent gets to make that call after talking to lawyers.