• Wild video captures moment dead tree crushes moving car

    By: Jason Law


    HUDSON, N.H. - A New Hampshire woman was able to walk away after a tree fell and crushed her car. 

    A woman was driving her SUV down Lowell Road in Hudson, NH when a tree came crashing down. 

    "It was crazy. It was just crazy how the thing exploded everywhere all over the street," said Evan Ohanian.

    Ohanian didn't see the tree come down, but he heard it.

    "Just a huge - a loud crack, then tires screeching. I instantly jumped up and went outside," he said.

    Ohanian works at Stellar Motor Group on Lowell Road. The company's surveillance camera was in perfect position to record the moment of impact. The video shows the tree smash into the car, then the driver comes to a stop.

    People who saw the aftermath say the tree was so dead and rotted, it wasn't as heavy as a healthy tree, making the impact less destructive. 

    Luckily, the driver walked away with no injuries. 

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