Wild guest: Local couple finds raccoon relaxing on their couch

Wild guest: Local couple finds raccoon relaxing on their couch

WEST BRIDGEWATER, Mass. — It was a wild encounter for one local couple.

Bob and Ann Werner thought their dog, Fly, a black and white Boston terrier pup was taking a snooze on their couch.

They were wrong.

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"I couldn't believe it, at first, I thought it was my dog," said Bob Werner.

His wife had just brought some groceries to the couple's West Bridgewater home, and in the interim of going inside the house, she left the door open. It was then that an uninvited critter took the opportunity to scurry inside without being seen, and made himself at home.

The raccoon hopped up on the couch and settled in for a nap just before the Patriots played against the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday.

Bob Werner was the first one to stop their uninvited guest.

"I says, "This is no joke, I think it's alive! But it's not moving much,'" he said.

Without getting too close, the couple took a good look at the animal before leaving it on their sofa and going to the police for help. When they arrived at the house, the raccoon had still been reveling in the comfort of their couch.

"The raccoon looked right at them and while they were yelling and trying to move the raccoon, the raccoon moved from this side of the couch to that side of the couch and continued his nap," said Ann. "Even when they chased him out he wasn't in a big hurry to leave. He apparently liked the couch."

Police had to use shovels to chase out the animal.

"We're going to keep the doors shut at all times," said Ann.

As funny as the encounter was, Bob says he's happy he realized it wasn't Fly before he snuggled up to the animal.

"I didn't go over and pat him and think that it was Fly, I'm grateful for that."

West Bridgewater Police had a laugh about it on social media, sharing a photo of the comfortable raccoon, joking that he was only kicked out after they found out he was a Chiefs fan.