Wife of Westford principal paralyzed in accident speaks about his recovery

Wife of Westford principal paralyzed in accident speaks about his recovery

BOSTON — A local principal continues to recover from a devastating spinal cord injury.

Kevin Lacoste fell out of a tree while playing with his kids and now has no feeling below his shoulders.

On Wednesday, his wife spoke with Boston 25 News for the first time about his recovery and the biggest hurdles facing the Westford Elementary School principal.

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The family is doing a good job of keeping their spirits high.

Ali Lacoste said it might be a year before they know how permanent her husband's paralysis is.

"Kevin woke up in an unimaginable nightmare and he was scared and angry," she said.

Her husband was always active and athletic, running the Boston Marathon twice. But last weekend, Kevin Lacoste opened his eyes and couldn't move.

Ali had to tell her husband he had suffered a devastating spinal cord injury. Kevin was playing with his kids on July 21 when he slipped and fell out of a tree.

Doctors don't know if he will walk again.

"We just don't know, and having those unanswered questions is really hard," Ali Lacoste said.

Kevin is also unable to talk, so Ali is now his voice, and his connection to the outside world.

"I think one of the biggest things I've done is reassure him that he has an army behind him," she said.

Kevin's teacher's and faculty members sent him a video message Wednesday showing they are "Lacoste Strong."

It's not just friends and family who are supporting this family.

Total strangers are stepping up, too. A GoFundMe account has amassed more than $135,000.

The Paper Store began collecting donations, and the Greg Hill Foundation has also raised another $14,000.

But what's really touched Ali is all the messages she's received online.

"If we didn't have the support from family and friends and all these community members, I'm not sure that I would be able to cope, but feeling all of those positive thoughts and prayers coming through, has really lifted us up," she said.

Ali said the hardest part right now is the ups and downs of the recovery process.

Kevin has had dangerously high fevers.

Soon, doctors will insert a pacemaker to regulate his heart.

That will also allow Kevin to sit up in bed.