Whitman teacher arrested for alleged inappropriate conduct with student

Whitman teacher arrested for alleged inappropriate conduct with student

WHITMAN, Mass. — A Whitman elementary school teacher has been arrested for alleged inappropriate conduct with a student.

Matthew DiMuccio, 32, of Wellesley was charged with two counts of indecent assault and battery on a child under 14, police said in a statement. He was arrested at his home Monday afternoon and taken to the Whitman Police station to be booked.

DiMuccio, a music teacher at Duval Elementary School, was immediately placed on administrative leave by school district officials on May 15 after a Whitman Police School Resource Officer was notified of alleged inappropriate contact between him and a student.

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But DiMuccio's father said his son didn't commit any crime.

"Did he do anything wrong? I don't think so," Kenneth DiMuccio told Boston 25 News on Monday night.

He said the charges against his son stem from an expressive dance class that his son teaches at the Duval School. He is adamant that the incident is a misunderstanding, though he can't help but worry about his son's future.

“I’m confident this will be nothing," Kenneth DiMuccio said. "He’s not a criminal. He’s excellent, credible record in his lifetime. He hasn’t made any violations."

Police arrested DiMuccio at the Wellesley home he shares with his parents after a weeks-long investigation, which remains "active and ongoing," according to police.

His father said he was not home when his son was arrested.

“It’s a parent that’s feeling upset and putting pressure on the school system and the police department," Kenneth DiMuccio said of the investigation. He claims the complaint is tied to an expressive dance that his son instructed in front of a classroom of 20 students.

"They get up and do their routines. That’s what he’s teaching them., dance movement routines," Kenneth DiMuccio said. "It’s a very sophisticated, highly-regarded program that the school paid for him to attend."

"But one student had an issue," his father said.

He said his son provided detectives with a hard copy of the textbook that teaches the dance routine that he believes is why Matthew is in trouble.

"I’m sure this is all going to get resolved," Kenneth DiMuccio said.

The police chief will hold a meeting for parents at the Duval Elementary School on Tuesday at 4:30 p.m.

Police would not release further details on the allegations because the victim is a minor.

Anyone with information is asked to call Whitman Police at 781-447-1212.

DiMuccio is expected to be arraigned Tuesday in Brockton District Court.