Where is Floyd Black? Family searching for man who vanished 3 months ago

Where is Floyd Black? Family searching for man who vanished 3 months ago

BARNSTABLE, Mass. — It's been nearly three months since Floyd Black vanished.

The 61-year-old was last seen in Barnstable where he was living at a shelter. He vanished on August 8 after telling a roommate he was headed to Falmouth where his daughter, Kerry Black lives.

"He's just lost, doesn't know who he is. And is wandering," she told Boston 25 News.

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Kerry says her father's prescriptions to treat his bipolar condition was canceled when he lost his Mass Health insurance over the summer.

She believes without his needed medication, her dad is lost and deeply confused, possibly on the streets in the Boston-Cambridge area where she has passed out fliers and visited homeless shelters.

Kerry says she's met two people who claim they have seen her father.

"It gives a lot of hope that he's still out there somewhere," Black said.

But last week, the remains of an unidentified adult male were found in Wareham. Kerry is holding her breath, hoping it's not her father.

"He's my dad, I can't just leave him out there," she said. "I know he's out there somewhere, so I just have to keep going until I find him."

Kerry will spend this coming weekend in the Boston area handing out fliers and talking to anyone who might know where her father is. As the weather turns colder, she knows she needs to find her father now.

Anyone who thinks they have seen Floyd Black should call police.