• Weymouth PD investigating snowblower thefts


    WEYMOUTH, Mass. - Surveillance cameras caught a trio of crooks in Weymouth who seem to be preparing for the winter snowstorms. 

    In an overnight snatching spree, thieves took snowblowers that were sent for repairs at Murphy's Power Equipment Service Specialists, yet didn't seem to mind the cameras that caught the whole thing on tape.

    "I'm sure it's not the first time they've stolen stuff from somebody, I'm sure it's not the last time," said Mike Murphy, owner of Murphy's Power Equipment Service Specialists.

    Murphy noticed the thefts when he came into work last Thursday and immediately reported it to police.

    Fortunately, since the surveillance cameras captured the thieves in action, police may be able to use the footage to get those snowblowers back and take the crooks into custody.

    The footage first shows two men using bolt cutters to chop the cable securing a row of snowblowers being serviced. The duo then hoists a Troybuilt and a Craftsman snowblower onto a pickup and dash off.

    A little more than an hour later, however, one of the men comes back accompanied by a woman. They they take another Craftsman snowblower, hoist it up to the pickup and drive off.

    "They don't care if they want to take something they're going to, pocket it for whatever they can get for it, it's a shame," said Murphy.

    The three stolen snowblowers are valued at $1,000 dollars each.

    Murhpy says that the worst part of the thefts is contacting the customers affected.

    "Obviously it's not something we want to be telling a customer about 50 years around the first time we've even had a theft," said Murphy.

    Neighboring businesses are now considering beefing up their security systems in fear they may be the next target. They feel they've seen all the proof they need - that the thieves simply just don't care. 

    Several local police departments have put out public warnings in recent weeks after a spike in snowblower thefts in a number of Massachusetts communities. 

    Police recommend residents to take down the serial number, make and model of their snowblowers as well as paint a mark or their initials on the machine.

    They're also suggesting residents take their snowblowers inside and out of public view if possible when not in use. 

    Anyone with information on this crime is asked to contact Officer Dave Canny at 781-335-1212 or Sgt. Scott Saccoach at 781-927-6319. 

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