• Weymouth man raises money to pay off student lunch debts


    WEYMOUTH, Mass. - A Weymouth man is spreading holiday cheer to a lot of families in his hometown by making sure students have a hot meal, and their parents have one less bill to worry about.

    Dennis Brooks is a big guy, with an even bigger heart. For years, Brooks donated to a local teen center for the holidays, but this year he decided to raise money to help pay off student lunch debts in his hometown of Weymouth.

    Brooks started a GoFundMe account to help raise money for the kids

    "You know, it's tough asking people during the holidays because everyone has money problems. Christmas and the holidays are so expensive, but for everyone to pull through like this makes you just sit there and think that's awesome," said Brooks.

    Thursday, Brooks met with Weymouth Schools Superintendent Dr. Jennifer Curtis-Whipple to discuss his donation. 

    "The outcome of all this will be some happy kids, some families that will have a little less stress on them during this season and overall, everyone will be fed, happy, healthy and able to learn," said Curtis-Whipple.

    Brooks says he plans on keeping the GoFundMe page open for the next several days and sometime late next week, he plans on delivering the check to the district.

    The school district says the money will cover nearly 1,000 students who have a negative school lunch balance. 

    "I think it's really cool. Weymouth is a good town. Very generous, especially around Christmas time," said parent Kevin Miller.

    "I love Weymouth, so to help out the kids in my neighborhood and all around this section of town, I love it. Even if they don't know it's me, just knowing that I can help them makes me feel good," said Brooks.

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