• Wet, windy weather likely to cause some holiday travel delays


    BOSTON - More than 100 million Americans are expected to travel by plane, train or car this holiday season and the busiest travel days are now upon us.

    A wet and windy day in Boston and much of the northeast will likely make for longer delays at some airports and on the roads. Here's what to expect as you make your way to holiday destination:


    By air

    Air travel is expected to be at its highest level in 15 years and more than 6.7-million Americans are expected to fly.

    Anna Petracca touched down from Florida Friday afternoon, and said the weather had a slight impact on her plans.

    "We had some bad weather in Tampa this morning, really high winds," Petracca said. "But actually, no more than 15 minutes and we were up and going."

    Her parents were also dealing with the weather as they traveled from Plymouth to pick her up at the airport.

    "It was worth the wait, but it was the longest line I've ever been in to do this terminal," Karen Petracca said.

    Arrive earlier than usual - The Transportation Security Administration estimates 41 million passengers will go through security for screening - a six percent increase from 2017.

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    By car

    An estimated 2.45 million Massachusetts residents will be traveling for the holidays and Boston is predicted to have some of the longest peak travel delays in the country. 

    It will get worse as holiday travel peaks on Saturday. 

    TRAVEL RESOURCES: MassDOT | MBTA | Logan International Airport | Amtrak

    The trains coming and going along the Northeast corridor were also dealing with Friday's wind and rain, with travelers delayed all over the place.

    "My original train was delayed for an hour, so they put me on an earlier one," Kathleen Cavanugh, who was heading to her mother's home in New Hampshire, said. 

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