Westwood searches for answers after father, son left in critical condition

WESTWOOD, Mass. — A father and son were hit by a car while in a crosswalk in Westwood Sunday afternoon and were still in the hospital Monday night with serious injuries.

Children walk up and down the busy street every day.

Sheehan Elementary School is located on the same street just a few hundred feet away and the boy who was hit is a first grader there.

Parents whose kids go to school say it could’ve been any of their kids.

Police took photos and measurements of Pond Street Monday, trying to determine if the driver who hit them was at fault and if sun glare could have played a role.

Sheehan families told Boston 25 News teachers addressed the crash with the young students in school Monday.

“Our teacher had asked us if there was anything we wanted to talk about, if we were close with them if there was anything that made us upset,” Sheehan student Franchesca said.

Sunday, the little boy, his sister and father were out for a walk and bike ride with their family dog.

They were in the crosswalk on Lake Shore Drive when the father and son were hit by a car with writing on the windshield.

The boy landed under the car and the father's head hit the windshield. The boy's bike was found wedged between the car another.

People who live off Pond Street say they'd like to see police address speed in the area.

“There are some places in town where they've put up flashing lights. We'd love to see more of that, more speed bumps to slow people down,” explained Katie Gavin.

Westwood's town administrator told Boston 25 News in a video chat speed does not appear to be an issue in this crash, but sun glare likely is.

“Given the change in the time of day and the fact that the sun is setting earlier that's quite possibly something that occurred in this instance,” Town Administrator Mike Jaillet said.

The Sheehan families we spoke with tell us the kids wrote cards and letters today to the little boy in the hospital.

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