Westwood psychiatric hospital closed

Westwood mental hospital closed for investigation

A psychiatric hospital has been shut down for a second time in less than a month, and this time the Department of Mental Health tells Boston 25 News Westwood Lodge has been closed for good.

The state says the 89-bed private psychiatric hospital has been closed due what a spokesman called “issues concerning patient safety and quality of care.”

Last Wednesday, Westwood police tell Boston 25 news they were called to the lodge for a report of a sexual assault.

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The Norfolk D.A. says no charges have been filed.

State officials tell Boston 25 News there were a number of significant safety issues at play, and the facility failed to demonstrate compliance with department of mental health requirements and corrective actions.

The facility has come under fire a number of times in recent years.

In 2006, 14-year-old Monique Payne died while in the hospital's care from an untreated brain tumor that swelled.

Our investigation found she had been complaining about headaches for days, but 911 was only called after she "stopped breathing and turned blue".

Jurors found the hospital and one of the nurses negligent... But they did not find that negligence caused Monique's death.

Then, just this past spring, the hospital stopped admitting patients when a 9-year-old boy was given the wrong medicine for a week.

In June, a state employees was put in place to monitor the facility.

It had only just re-opened a few weeks ago.

With Westwood Lodge now closed permanently, some worry about who will fill the gap.

Medfield resident Chip Lennon tells us he was admitted to a psychiatric facility like Westwood Lodge in his teens and says the state could use more quality facilities.

‘’I’m disappointed because I think communities need a place like that,” said Lennon. “The people who worked there were outstanding.”

The Westwood town manager tells Boston 25 News in recent years a town task force had been meeting quarterly with Westwood Lodge to address issues such as runways and assaults.

Westwood Lodge tells Boston 25 News the hospital has now arranged for current patients to be transferred, and they’re cooperating fully with the investigation.