Wellesley man's Super Bowl dream comes true

This Wellesley man doesn't let personal struggles stand in the way of his dreams. He works as a ticket taker at every Patriots game at Gillette and this Sunday, he'll be at the big game when his favorite team takes the field.

Liz and William Fahey arrived in Minneapolis Thursday night and are beyond excited to be a part of the entire experience - made possible by a mother's determination.

"We have a saying.... where there's a William, there's a way," said Liz Fahey.

Liz says when it was shaping up to be another Patriots Super Bowl, she had to find a way to get her son there.

William's attachment to the team and TB12 only grew, despite his cerebral palsy, when he joined the ranks at Gillette five years ago.

"He always wanted to work in professional sports and wanted to be involved with football, which is his favorite sport," said Liz.

"I work the concerts, the soccer games..." said William.

And every Pats game, he is there as a ticket taker.

"He’s been working for the team for five years. And, every year they go to the Super Bowl and every year he asks can we go to the Super Bowl," said Liz.

So as the playoffs began, Liz began laying the ground work for the big trip, the airfare and a place to stay. After the AFC Championship, she took to Facebook for help tracking down ADA seats for the Super Bowl.

"I came down and I said, 'We're going to the Super Bowl' and he said 'We?'" said Liz.

They had their tickets and were on their way to a dream come true.

"I just feel that there's a purpose that I'm here and able to go," said William.

All made possible by mom.

"This is what drives Will and keeps him focused and happy - and anything that can bring so much joy to him - I’m just so grateful for the opportunity he’s had," said Liz.

William says he considers himself a bit of a Patriot good luck charm.