Wednesday afternoon storm wreaks havoc on Belmont neighborhood

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BELMONT, Mass. — Power lines down with trees torn up in Belmont on Wednesday night after a severe storm rolled through.

A lot of the damage has now been cleaned up and the power is back on Oakley Road in Belmont, which sustained some of the worst damage.

The quick storm packed a punch with large trees just snapped in half. One is blocking off the entire front yard and door of a home. Luckily the people who live inside were okay.

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Earlier this evening police were on the scene on the road for power lines down. Several trees came down in the area after a severe storm came through on Wednesday afternoon.

One man who lives on the street says the storm probably only lasted about 10 minutes but did plenty of damage.

"Just a heavy, heavy out of nowhere gust of wind, my umbrellas flipped over, saw a bunch of leaves branches everywhere," described Chris Poli of Belmont. "It was kind of crazy, just totally out of nowhere. We had a nice afternoon going and then all of a sudden it got dark and very windy."

That neighbor says he checked with the people who live near where a tree went down. Luckily, they may not have significant damage to their home.